The Greatest Gift of Easter

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MegaVoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS are the perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket. This testimony powerfully illustrates the impact an accessible audio Bible can have in a young child’s life.

An Inspiring Testimony

We’re so excited to share this incredible story about the life-changing impact of God’s Word through audio in a 4-year-old girl’s life:

“Our four-year-old daughter was suffering from terrible nightmares and spiritual attacks. It was a very distressing experience and we were exhausted and desperate to find a way to help her. Friends suggested we keep a Bible beside her bed throughout the night, so we placed a printed Bible open to Psalm 91 on her bedside table. While God’s Word always brings peace, interacting with a print Bible didn’t work well for a four-year-old.

Then, another friend introduced us to Wildlife STORYTELLERS. We immediately ordered a bear for our daughter and she began listening to the audio Bible throughout the day and all night long. It never left her side.

The nightmares and spiritual attacks stopped! With the Living Word spoken over her all night long, the entire atmosphere in our home shifted. Our daughter is six now and her knowledge of the Bible is incredible. We’re constantly impressed with her memory retention. Her favorite Scripture passage is the genealogy of Jesus from Genesis and she can recite the entire thing. She’s doing great in Awana and we’re so thankful for the way her Wildlife STORYTELLER brought the Bible into her life in an accessible, powerful format.”

Much thanks to Kelly for her willingness to share her daughter’s story with the MegaVoice team.

What Are Wildlife STORYTELLERS?

MegaVoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS are a unique fusion of kid-friendly toys and user-friendly audio Bibles. Crafted to captivate the imagination of young hearts, these innovative audio devices present the rich tapestry of Biblical truths in a format familiar to young children – a cuddly stuffed animal.

In the pouch pocket of each Wildlife STORYTELLER, you’ll find a MegaVoice audio Bible pre-loaded with children’s Bible stories, worship music, and educational materials designed to teach children about God in an immersive, enjoyable format.

It’s the Bible – in a way your child has never experienced it before!

Why Kids Need Audio Bibles This Easter

In an age marked by digital distractions, the importance of engaging children with Scripture in creative ways cannot be overstated. MegaVoice Audio Bibles are accessible and distraction-free, unlike smartphones and tablets. Children often struggle with traditional reading methods or crave auditory stimulation. Wildlife STORYTELLERS allow parents to ignite a passion for biblical truth in their children and begin nurturing vibrant faith from an early age.

The Power of Repetition

Scripture attests to the profound impact of repetition in shaping hearts and minds. As Paul says in Philippians 3:1, “Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord! It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you.”

MegaVoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS harness the power of repetition by allowing children to experience Bible stories on demand. Through repeated exposure to these stories, children not only internalize the truths they convey but also develop a deep-seated familiarity with the foundational principles of the Christian faith. This intentional repetition cultivates a firm foundation upon which to build a lifetime of spiritual growth and discipleship.

Fill Their Easter Basket With More Than Just Candy and Toys

As Easter approaches, let’s seize the opportunity to invest in gifts of eternal significance for our children. While candy and toys may bring momentary joy, MegaVoice Wildlife STORYTELLERS offer a lasting legacy of spiritual nourishment and growth.

By placing these audio Bibles in the hands of our young ones, we impart not merely entertainment but a profound encounter with the living Word of God.

God’s Word has the power to transform lives, both old and young. In Matthew, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

This Easter, will you bring the message of resurrection hope to your child?

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