Embark On a Year of Transformation: Your Guide to Listening to the Bible in 2024 With MegaVoice

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Each new year brings with it exciting possibilities for hope, renewal, and change. If you’ve lost momentum in your Bible study approach, we’re here to help you breathe fresh life into your experience of God’s precious Word.

What if this year, you listened to the entire Bible?

For many people, listening to the Bible just makes sense. Listening brings Scripture into your daily life in a rich, integrated way. When you play the Bible for others to hear, it invites them into your faith practice. When you listen with headphones, you create a personal haven during the turmoil of challenging circumstances. If your hands and eyes are free, you can read along. If your schedule is jam-packed, you can listen while driving, caring for children, exercising, and completing chores.

Listening to the Bible in 2024 with MegaVoice is easy without the distractions and limitations of smartphones. While smartphones do have the capacity to play the Bible, notifications and social media are disruptive. Phone-based audio Bibles often rely on internet access as well. With MegaVoice, you’ll enjoy a seamless, uninterrupted listening experience no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Why Listen to the Bible in a Year?

If you typically read the Bible, listening can help you gain a new perspective on God’s Word. Listening slows us down, helping us linger over passages instead of skimming. It connects us with the experiences of ancient Christians, most of whom would have been unable to read God’s Word for themselves and would have relied on a reader. Ultimately, listening is just a more accessible learning style for many people.

While sources differ and this is not a topic that has been studied in a comprehensive, global way, we know that at least 30% of people prefer auditory learning to visual learning.

Listening to the Bible in a year is much more attainable than you might assume. The average audio Bible is about 75 hours (about 3 days) long, so it’s possible to reach this listening goal with just 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) of listening per week! There are many ways to divide this time up, depending on your schedule.

Sample Schedules to Listen to the Bible in 2024

Here’s a few ideas to help you brainstorm how to make this goal happen given the particulars of your season of life:

  • Listen for 30 minutes three times each week.
  • Start every day with about 12 minutes of Bible listening.
  • Listen for 15 minutes 6 days each week, with one flex day if you get behind.
  • Schedule two 45-minute listening sessions on the weekend.
  • Spend 90 minutes (about 1 and a half hours) listening before or after church each Sunday as a part of your own ‘adult Bible study’ system.

The most important thing is picking a schedule and committing to it. Carve out the time and identify specific ways to strengthen this new habit. Some examples:

  • Listen for 15 minutes while making coffee and taking your dog out in the morning, or while driving to work.
  • Listen with your spouse three times each week after dinner before turning on the TV or spending time with screens.
  • Wake up 12 minutes earlier and spend some time listening to the Bible and praying in bed before starting your day (this is a great way to reclaim time spent pressing snooze!).

Notice how each of these options has a built-in ‘trigger’ (the dog asking to go out, the necessity of leaving for work, the desire to turn on the TV, your alarm). Without specific triggers, it’s easy to forget or procrastinate new habits. Triggers reinforce new behaviors and help us capitalize on pre-existing routines.

Fighting Perfectionism While Listening to the Bible in 2024 With MegaVoice

Many of us fall prey to the trap of waiting for the perfect conditions in which to engage with the Bible. We wait for a quiet house, a comfy couch, the right mood, a new set of highlighters, and the perfect reading plan. While that sounds nice, those conditions don’t come together very often for most of us. We need to instead find ways to immerse ourselves in God’s Word on a regular basis.

Think of the time you spend with family members. Some of that time is very focused and intentional (like date nights), and that’s so valuable! But the time you spend together cleaning up the kitchen, driving to sports games, sitting side-by-side on the couch, and briefly chatting between responsibilities is also incredibly valuable in building and sustaining your relationship.

Our time with God and His Word is no different. Find small, imperfect ways to invite the Bible into every single day and you’ll be amazed at how your faith, trust, and hope in God expand exponentially in 2024.

More Tips to Listen to the Bible in a Year With MegaVoice

While the most important thing is to just start listening to the Bible as soon as possible, these tips will help you have a more positive experience.

Prioritize the ‘gold standard’ approach of reading WHILE listening.

We retain 10 percent of what we see, 30-40 percent of what we see and hear, and 90 percent of what we see, hear, and do.

Opt to listen to your MegaVoice audio Bible while reading along in a print Bible to amplify the impact of your study time.

Pick the right listening plan.

There are many different ways to approach listening to the Bible:

  • Listen straight through from start to finish.
  • Follow the popular M’Cheyne reading plan. Created by 19th century Scottish minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843), this plan takes readers through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice per year.
  • Listen chronologically, experiencing the events of the Bible in the same order in which they unfolded in time.
  • Follow The Bible in One Year Reading Plan. This plan includes parts of the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms each day with brief teaching moments about each book of the Bible.

Choose the right audio Bible.

MegaVoice audio Bibles offer a lot in small, portable packages:

Here are just a few testimonials from happy MegaVoice listeners:

“Can’t tell you how much listening to the Bible over and over again has changed everything for me! Thank you for all your efforts.”

“The MP3 player we received was easy to use, practical and perfectly small for travel. The string made it suitable for movement and usage while doing work. Because my kids love audio they were super excited to receive a MP3 player of their own.”

“I am quite pleased with the quality of the narration and surprised at its compact size. I’ll figure out the lanyard so I can enjoy the verses and songs all day long.”

“There are many days when the Lord is the only companionship I have, and this helps make Him even more tangible. Thank you for helping give me that!”

Find a faith community or partner for support and accountability.

We’re not designed to walk with God alone! Find a partner or accountability group who wants to read the Bible in a year along with you. In addition to friends and family members, online communities and forums can provide meaningful connections too. If you have questions in your studies, explore the great wealth of books, devotions, podcasts, documentaries, and other media resources available to us now.

Keep showing up.

God will honor your desire to study His Word if you keep showing up. You will likely miss days. You will likely experience weeks or even months of frustration and confusion in your Bible study process. We can confidently expect resistance when we purpose to grow closer to God. Even if your efforts feel messy and imperfect, just keep showing up! Press Play and ask God to speak to you through his Word. He is faithful.

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