Innovative Partnership Aims to Improve Childhood Literacy

Listen To ‘Innovative Partnership Aims to Improve Childhood Literacy’

Bloomington, IL—As new studies continue to show a concerning decline in children’s reading scores, independent publisher Towers of Light Christian Resources announces its partnership with global audio Bible device maker MegaVoice to create dedicated audiobook players aimed at improving children’s literacy through the Reading While Listening (RWL) method.

MegaVoice and Towers of Light Christian Resources

MegaVoice’s audiobook players, now available for sale through Towers of Light’s website, allow children to simultaneously listen to a professionally-narrated audiobook while following along with a physical book or their Bible, incorporating both auditory and visual learning techniques and creating a fully immersive reading experience. These devices are rugged, lightweight, fit in a pocket and some have a solar charging option.

Earphones for MegaVoice Pathway Player

While studies suggest digital distractions could be to blame for declining literacy rates in children, these innovative yet practical audiobook players are designed to provide a mobile—yet disconnected—experience to eliminate the distractions found in cell phones and tablets.

“Parents like myself are concerned about both declining reading scores and the effect of digital distractions on our children,” said Allen Brokken, CEO of Towers of Light Christian Resources and an Iowa native. “The potential of this solution—combining written books with dedicated audio players to make it easy to Read While Listening—and its effect on our children’s literacy is significant. I’m thrilled to get this into parents and children’s hands and ears. I’ve seen the RWL method work for my own children, and I’m excited about how this partnership with MegaVoice will provide a mobile yet disconnected experience to eliminate the distractions of cell phones and tablets and help children improve their literacy.”

The Reading While Listening (RWL) Method

Significant academic research has been dedicated to the Reading While Listening (RWL) method and how it not only enhances but improves a student’s spelling and grammar, vocabulary, engagement, multitasking and pronunciation, as well as increasing their average words per minute.

Charles Cibene, CEO of MegaVoice, comments, “We are excited with the collaboration between Towers of Light and MegaVoice as it holds immense promise for improving children’s literacy rates and fostering a deep love for reading. By combining their expertise and resources, I believe the two organizations can help families gain back the reading skills lost over the past couple of years.”

Towers of Light, based in Central Illinois, now offers these devices alongside each of its books; Brokken said all forthcoming resources and books will include an option for customers to purchase the audiobook player. Additionally, audio players with various versions of the Bible including bible stories appropriate for young children are available to help with biblical literacy as well.

More information about the audiobook players and Towers of Light’s resources can be found at towersoflight.net.

About Allen Brokken

Allen Brokken is a teacher at heart, a husband and a father most of all. He’s a joyful writer by the abundant grace of God. He began writing the Towers of Light series for his own children to help him illuminate the deep truths of the Bible in an engaging and age-appropriate way. He’s dedicated over 15 years of his life to volunteer roles in children’s ministry and youth development. Now that his own children are off to college, he’s telling stories and sharing clean humor on social media and through his blog.

About Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC

Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC is a faith-based organization providing book publication in paperback and audio, video production, logistics support and customer service for other believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to help others to spread the good news to the whole wide world.

About MegaVoice

Millions around the world still don’t have access to a Bible they can engage with because of language barriers, physical disabilities, or limited literacy. We invented the first solar powered audio Bible and still create access solutions for these unique contexts. Our purpose is to equip our partners to fulfill the Great Commission so all can engage with the Word of God in their own language. Through solar-powered audio and video Bibles and our massive content library, we help our Partners to show up for the people they serve. Whether you’re a missionary working in the Amazon rainforest or an advocate for the homeless, MegaVoice can help you reach the least of us.

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