What Is the Best Free Audio Bible?

5 Indispensable Resources

Watch: What Is the Best Free Audio Bible? 5 Indispensable Resources

Listen: What Is the Best Free Audio Bible? 5 Indispensable Resources

Looking for the best free audio Bible to enhance your study time?

Audio Bibles are a great way to:

  • Experience God’s Word in a different format
  • Take your Bible study on-the-go
  • Share the Bible in a small group setting

We’re featuring five indispensable resources for auditory Bible study, including options for iPhone users and Android users. Interested in shifting away from your smartphone and towards a more focused style of audio Bible study? We have resources for that too.

We Ranked the Best Free Audio Bible Apps

Four asian women participate in a Bible study, with reading and guitar music.

There are many audio Bible apps available today, although some have a price tag attached and each has its unique pros and cons. Here are four of the most highly rated free audio Bible apps, ranked in order of accessibility, followed by a fifth option you may not have considered. We tested these apps out so you don’t have to!

#1 Audio Bible App: YouVersion

Best free audio Bible apps ranked: YouVersion.

YouVersion is the most popular Bible app in the world, and for good reason. As of 2022, YouVersion offered 2,863 Bible versions in 1,868 languages, some offline capabilities, as well as over 800 Bible plans and devotionals.

Plus, through its partnership with Davar Audio Bibles, YouVersion is able to offer audio translations in over 420 languages! This is something all believers should celebrate. God is reaching into people’s hearts and minds around the world via the screens they hold in their hands each day.

YouVersion Audio Bible App Pros:

  • Option to download audio versions of Bibles (if available in your language and preferred translation)
  • Lots of Bible study and devotional programs to choose from
  • Accessible, modern interface
  • Regular updates and additions to content

YouVersion Audio Bible App Cons:

  • Social media options may prove distracting for some users
  • Many languages have written translations available but not audio translations
  • Mixed reviews on accessibility for people who are blind or have vision loss
  • No verse-by-verse navigation on audio Bibles
  • Audio Bible downloads may not work in the absence of Wi-Fi or data coverage

#2 Audio Bible App: Bible.is

Best free audio Bible apps ranked: Bible.is.

Bible.is is an app developed by Faith Comes by Hearing. It offers audio Bibles in 1,800+ languages and gives users the ability to create Scripture playlists to share with friends and family. In addition, it also plays a selection of Christian films. In this app, some audio Bibles are available as dramatized productions with background music, which can create an enjoyable immersive experience.

Bible.is Audio Bible App Pros:

  • Options for dramatized reading and background music
  • Offers audio Bibles in some hard-to-find translations
  • Faith-based films can be a powerful evangelistic tool

Bible.is Audio Bible App Cons:

  • Some users complain that this app is buggy or glitchy
  • Users can navigate between audio Bible chapters, but not verses
  • Some users complain that offline downloads disappear randomly

#3 Audio Bible App: Daily Audio Bible

Best free audio Bible apps ranked: Daily Audio Bible.

The Daily Audio Bible app offers daily readings from different books of the Bible in a podcast episode style format. Readers and translations vary from episode to episode, as does background music and episode introductions. This is a great option for someone who wants a simple daily listening ‘assignment’ without any customization. Currently, this app offers at least some biblical materials in 9 different languages.

Daily Audio Bible App Pros:

  • Podcast episode format makes it easy to know what to listen to each day
  • A variety of readers, translations, and background music
  • Episodes can be individually downloaded for offline listening

Daily Audio Bible App Cons:

  • Limited language options
  • Reading and listening don’t track together
  • Downloading individual episodes is time-consuming

#4 Audio Bible App: Courage for Life

Best free audio Bible apps ranked: Courage for Life.

This audio Bible is voiced entirely by women! It also includes built-in study resources. It’s read in a personal tone that makes it feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. It’s currently available in either English or Spanish.

Courage for Life Audio Bible App Pros:

  • It’s easy to listen to individual books or chapters of the Bible
  • Readers sound authentic and real (as opposed to some more robotic sounding audio Bibles)
  • Each book of the Bible has a built-in audio ‘application’ section

Courage For Life Audio Bible App Cons:

  • Currently no offline listening options
  • Only two languages available
  • App doesn’t save your specific listening location if you leave the app

Why People Fail to Listen to the Bible with Audio Bible Apps (And What to Do Instead)

Frustrated woman sits on couch and looks into the distance.

For those of us in the western world who have dozens of audio Bible apps in our language at our fingertips and are privileged enough to enjoy unlimited access to wifi and cellular data, listening to the Bible every day should be a breeze – right?

Unfortunately, even with these resources at our fingertips, many of us still struggle to make spending daily time in God’s Word a priority. Despite the importance of this spiritual discipline in the development of our faith, it’s all too easy to get sidetracked by text messages, notifications, social media, and all the other distractions that our phones are designed to prioritize.

Most Christians understand that, even though there are print Bibles available on our phones, it’s still valuable to own a paper print Bible. What if we thought about audio Bibles in the same way?

The Best App for Audio Bible Might Not Be an App at All

MegaVoice audio Bible placed on top of a print Bible.

While we should praise God for the recent proliferation of audio Bible apps, you may benefit from choosing a solar-powered audio Bible instead. Let’s examine why:

Firstly, audio Bibles have zero built-in distractions.

When an audio Bible is on your smartphone, it’s so easy to get drawn in by notifications or feel tempted to quickly check Instagram or open your email inbox. In the same way that a print Bible allows visual learners to engage with God’s Word without distraction, an audio Bible allows auditory learners to engage with God’s Word without distraction.

Secondly, audio Bibles have more translation options.

No audio Bible app offers the same number of languages and dialects available on a solar-powered audio Bible. People from almost all countries and cultures can engage with the Bible in their heart language with MegaVoice audio Bibles, and we’re adding new audio Bible content every day.

Thirdly, the navigation controls on audio Bibles are more sensitive than apps.

With solar-powered audio Bibles, it’s easy to navigate between books, chapters, and 20 second audio intervals. Raised buttons make this navigation accessible for children, the visually impaired, and people with physical disabilities.

Fourthly, audio Bibles don’t rely on Wi-Fi, cellular data, or electricity. 

Take your solar-powered audio Bible in the car, on a hike, or out-and-about without worrying about whether it will play or not. Even audio Bible apps that offer download options are not always reliable in the absence of Wi-Fi or cellular data. Solar-powered audio Bibles always are!

Fifthly, audio Bibles don’t have recurring costs. 

Some of the better audio Bible apps charge recurring subscription fees. Once you purchase a solar-powered audio Bible, it’s yours! You don’t even need to buy batteries.

Finally, audio Bibles are easier to share with other people.

You might think twice about handing your smartphone to a child or acquaintance to let them listen to the Bible. However, solar-powered audio Bibles are easy to share, play for a group, or even give away to someone you meet who’s curious about Jesus! And with our Smart Loading System for audio Bibles, it’s easy for ministries to create custom players for the individuals they serve. Learn more about formatting audio Bible content here.

Audio Bibles for Everyone

Indian Christians

Even if audio Bible apps happen to serve our personal Scripture study needs, we are called as Christians to consider other people as equal to ourselves.

Consequently, we invite believers everywhere to think about the following situations:

What about an imprisoned woman who doesn’t have a smartphone and struggles to read?

How do we reach a 95-year-old man, alone in a senior living home, who feels overwhelmed by smartphone technology?

What’s the best way to share God’s Word with someone who lives in a place without reliable electricity or consistent Wi-Fi?

How do we protect someone in a closed country who could face persecution for listening to the Bible via their phone?

What about a six-year-old child, who is not responsible enough to hold and use a smartphone yet?

MegaVoice creates technology that’s innovative and user-friendly to meet the needs of those who have difficulties using a smartphone or reading a print Bible. Our solar-powered audio Bibles can withstand a variety of conditions that smartphones simply can’t.

Even if you don’t need one yourself, would you consider sponsoring an audio Bible for someone who doesn’t currently have access to their own Bible in a format that they can understand and use with ease? Learn more about our Bible a Month Club here. 

At MegaVoice, we equip our Partners to fulfill the Great Commission so all people may engage with the Word of God in their own language.

There are many ways you can Partner with us in this mission!

  1. Sponsor an audio Bible each month for a person in need of hope.
  2. Purchase audio Bibles for your own use and distribution.
  3. Donate to a fundraising project through our nonprofit, MegaVoice International.
  4. Pray for our global team as they work to serve God.
  5. Subscribe to our newsletters to receive regular updates on our work. 

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