New Audio Bible Content

The MegaVoice Audio Cloud is home to 16,900 Scripture audio titles for MegaVoice audio Bibles in more than 4,600 languages and dialects.

The MegaVoice Audio Cloud contains 80 Full Bible messages and access to more than 700 New Testament messages. The MegaVoice Audio Cloud is now the largest in the World for Christian Ministry audio content. God has granted favor in this endeavor and we thank Him.

To see all Scripture titles and languages available for audio Bibles, use the MegaVoice Audio Cloud and filter your search by choosing one of the following: Category, Language, Country, or Custom.

The list of Scripture titles and languages available is always expanding. Be sure to check back often. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact the MegaVoice Audio Team via the Contact page.

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The following are some of the many Scripture titles and languages available for MegaVoice audio Bibles:

Scripture Titles

God’s Story

This message brings the main truths of the Bible in a chronological format. God’s Story: From Creation to Eternity enables people from any culture to readily grasp the whole gospel. The message is usually presented in an eighteen-chapter format, runs for eighty minutes and is currently available in over 350 languages.

Good News

A set of 40 Bible stories from Genesis through Acts. The stories are set up chronologically and topically. Good for introducing general Bible knowledge and evangelism. These are recorded by “mother-tongue” speakers so people identify the language as their own. Illustrative pictures in both color and black and white can be purchased through the Global Recordings Network.

Look, Listen and Live

8 Units (5 Old Testament and 3 New Testament) covering the main stories, characters and themes of the Scriptures from Genesis to Acts. Each unit is accompanied by a set of 24 pictures which can be purchased from Global Recordings Network. These are recorded by “mother-tongue” speakers so people identify the language as their own. They are good for evangelism or basic discipling.

Mini Bible College

The Mini Bible College serves as the core curriculum for nurturing believers and assisting the spiritual growth of the Church worldwide. This well respected systematic discipleship program of the whole Bible is for both young and mature followers of Christ. The Mini Bible College is available in many major languages. This presentation, with 215 lessons – nearly 110 hours of teaching in each language – provides small groups with 3 years of weekly Bible studies.

New Testament Study Guide

This is a unique collection of four New Testament recordings that have been combined as a study guide for Christian students in high schools and university. The collection includes the following languages and versions: Hebrew – Delitzsch; Greek – Koine; Latin – Vulgate; English – King James.

The HOPE Presentation

The HOPE is a powerful presentation of God’s redemptive story from creation through Christ originally in a unique motion picture format. MegaVoice has extracted the audio from the film to create a personal ministry tool that can easily be shared in a non threatening way. The HOPE is produced by Mars Hill Productions. We have 25 language versions available.

The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus, the audio version of the Jesus Film, is an account of Jesus’ life as described in the Book of Luke. The message is usually presented in a twenty-two chapter format, runs for ninety minutes and is currently available in over 400 languages.

Words of Life

These recordings contain short Bible stories, evangelistic messages and songs. They explain the way of salvation and give basic Christian teaching. Most use a storytelling approach. These are recorded by “mother-tongue” speakers so people identify the language as their own. Global Recordings Network.

Children’s Bible Based Messages

MegaVoice now has a wide range of audio titles for Children’s Outreach. We can now offer discipleship to children in the form of Bible stories in dramatized or plain narration. These resources are available in Albanian, Romanian, English, Thai, Bambara African French, Japanese and Turkish.

Full Bibles & New Testaments

Africa – New Testaments

62 African language New Testaments are ready for distribution. We have just completed a Full Bible in Isizulu. MegaVoice will be involved in the recording of a Full Bible in Ewe for Togo from the official text of the Bible Society in Ghana.

India – New Testaments

55 Indian language New Testaments ready for distribution. We also have Full Bibles in Gujarati, Kannada, Mizo, Oriya, Telugu and Tamil.

Mexico – New Testaments

66 Mexican language New Testaments are ready for distribution.

Biblica Partnership

MegaVoice has formed a partnership with Biblica. We now have 16 Full Bibles or New Testament recordings available for distribution.

Faith Comes By Hearing

MegaVoice has entered into a new partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing and now we have access to their entire library of 500 language New Testaments.