[Press Release] MegaVoice, Galcom, and Other Ministries Partner to Bring Solar-Powered Aid to Turkey and Syria

Listen To ‘[Press Release] MegaVoice, Galcom, and Other Ministries Partner to Bring Solar-Powered Aid to Turkey and Syria’

This press release was published on Faith News Service and Christian Newswire.

TURKEY: As Christians in Turkey and Syria continue to suffer the long-term impact of the devastating earthquakes that struck last month, many nonprofit organizations and ministries are stepping in to provide needed aid. Galcom International, a radio and audio Bible ministry and MegaVoice partner, received an urgent request for solar-powered flashlights and chargers from a contact in Turkey.

Bringing Solar-Powered Light to Turkey and Syria

Galcom reached out to MegaVoice first. MegaVoice, a ministry with a thirty-five-year legacy of creating innovative tech solutions to serve the church, was immediately able to allocate 2,000 solar camp lights.

Another provider from Thailand located 800 mini charging units developed by another ministry. Six other ministry partners joined Galcom’s efforts to raise and send the funds necessary to ship these devices to Turkey for distribution by a disaster response team.

Turkey and Syria solar-powered aid

The Executive Director of Galcom International USA, Tom Blackstone, said,

“While anonymity is necessary to protect those involved, the important thing I want to share is that six separate ministry partners, MegaVoice included, worked together to make this complex international distribution happen. Watching the Lord put this disaster response team together quickly and virtually seamlessly has been extremely rewarding to watch. He clearly gets credit for His Spirit’s work in the hearts of key decision makers, financial sponsors, and prayer partners here in North America and with the team in Turkey and Syria.”

Regrettably, according to the last report, these much-needed items were delayed either in transit or in customs. Please pray with us that they are released soon.

Help Turkey and Syria Today

In 1999, many non-believing Turks were shown the love of Christ by earnest believers after their foundations were severely shaken by the Izmit and Duzce earthquakes. Please pray that the same will be true in this most recent disaster. To donate to a MegaVoice project to bring more solar-powered flashlights to Turkey and Syria, visit this page.

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