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Davar Audio Bibles is an impactful ministry committed to creating high-quality audio Bible recordings for use and distribution worldwide. We’re proud to partner with them to advance the spread of the Gospel. Mark Perkins, CEO of Davar Audio Bibles, shared some reflections on our relationship:

“We love working with MegaVoice in our efforts.”

“At Davar Audio Bibles, we’re committed to the expression of the unity of the body of Christ – at an individual level, at a church level, and as ministries working together side-by-side in a collective effort to spread the Gospel and make disciples.

We each have respective tools we’ve been called to and respective roles we’re a part of. There are so many expressions of how God knits together the gifting and callings of different ministries to different parts of the effort to share the Gospel around the world!

We love working with MegaVoice in our efforts. Above all, we want God’s Word to be made available, and we want to do that in the context of partnership. Consequently, we hold the Bible freely and openly. We publish to the Digital Bible Library, to YouVersion, and elsewhere.”

“To the nations and to the last mile.”

Where the internet is not present, we are so thankful for partners such as MegaVoice that make God’s Word available for other ministries to deploy in these contexts.

We’re so pleased that when we record God’s Word, partners like MegaVoice and other various Bible engagement and Bible distribution ministries, will actually take God’s Word with them – whether it be as a solar player, an SD card, or other means – to the nations and to the last mile.

We work with translators who have full Bible texts that still have not been brought into audio. By our accounts, there are over 500 full Bible translations that still do not have full Bible audio. They may have a portion of Scripture or a New Testament, but there’s just still so many who don’t have full Bible audio. It takes us approximately eight months to complete a full, high-quality audio Bible. We focus on completing that work and publishing it freely.

Both MegaVoice and Davar Audio Bibles share the same passion towards the millions upon millions of people in the oral category – they may be illiterate, they may be visually impaired, they may be oral cultures – but all of them need access to the Word.”

“I’m able to turn on the Bible and listen to God’s Word in my language.”

“While traveling in India in 2022, I had the privilege of meeting a man who had come out of a mountainous region from the state of Himachal Pradesh. He was 70 years old, and he had only come out of his mountainous village three times in his life. One of those times was to come down and visit with us because we had completed a New Testament in his heart language.

He had a pouch with a MegaVoice player in it tied to his vest, and he said,

‘I only get this Bible on a rotational basis because there’s not enough for each person in my village to have a copy. I wanted to hear it, and I don’t want to lose it, so I keep it in this pouch, and when I sit, I’m able to turn on the Bible and listen to God’s Word in my language.’

When you see firsthand how people cherish having access to God’s Word it reinforces to me that 1) we need to continue in our work to bring God’s Word to the nations because they’re hungry for access to the truth of Scripture, and 2) how am I cherishing God’s Word? Am I valuing it as much as I should be? It’s just such a motivator when you see these kinds of stories. It’s invigorating and helps me to keep going.

That MegaVoice player is being used to deploy God’s Word in Himachal Pradesh, in this northeast part of the country. Here’s this 70-year-old who wants to hear God’s Word, and I trust that God’s Word is impacting his life.”


“This is just one story, and frankly, we hear just a fraction of what’s happening. I just have to trust that God’s Word does not return void. It’s His Bible, not ours.

We very much enjoy our partnership. We so much value working side by side with MegaVoice and want to continue to do so.”

At MegaVoice, we equip our Partners to fulfill the Great Commission so all people may engage with the Word of God in their own language.

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