Tools & Utilities

Tools and utilities to help when preparing audio content and files for your MegaVoice players.

Multi-track audio editor and recorder (Windows | Mac)

Folders Report
Utility that quickly scans a folder and all sub-folders reporting details such as number of folders and files, sizes, folder level, etc… (Windows)

Free File Renamer
File renaming utility (Windows | Mac)

Calculate and verify MD5 checksum values of multiple files/folders (Windows)
MD5Checker – English User Guide » PDF (1.2MB)

MediaHuman Audio Converter
MP3 audio converter (Windows | Mac)

Unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files (Windows | Mac | Linux)

OFF folder and file for Story Tellers
Click here to download the zip folder.

Audio/video playtime calculator (Windows)

Compares the entire contents of 2 audio folders; or a folder and a player (Windows)
User Guide » PDF (469KB)

Utility for creating, encrypting and extracting compressed files (ZIP, RAR, etc.) (Windows)

The software items recommended above are provided as-is, with no warranty either express or implied as to their accuracy, usefulness, security, fitness for purpose or any other matter.

No responsibility is taken by MegaVoice or its partners for any loss of data or damage to the user’s computer as a result of installing or using any of this software.

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