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If you’re feeling the pressure of holiday shopping, we’re here to help! Most of us have more belongings than we could possibly need or use. This Christmas, sponsor a monthly audio Bible in your loved one’s honor. With the MegaVoice Bible a Month Club, you can give the gift of a person in another country experiencing God’s Word in their heart language for the first time. 

You can turn the pages of a paper Bible. Many can’t.

Most of us use paper Bibles or smartphones to engage with God’s Word. However, around the world, disability, illiteracy, and language barriers prevent precious others from doing the same.

Solar-powered audio Bibles empower you to show up for the least of us.

With the MegaVoice Bible a Month Club, you can make a difference for people in need of hope.

God Speaks Everyone’s Language

An Indian man with missing digits due to leprosy holds a MegaVoice audio Bible

Many people who speak indigenous dialects have never experienced God’s Word in their heart language. By partnering with MegaVoice, you enable us to share audio translations with people in the languages they connect with best. The MegaVoice Bible a Month Club coordinates audio Bible distributions in thousands of languages and dialects, with more in development.

Nothing About Us Without Us

An Indian woman shows another Indian woman how to use a MegaVoice audio Bible

When you support MegaVoice, you empower us to partner with grassroots organizations and communities around the world. We are a global ministry with relationships in almost every country. We leverage these relationships for every audio Bible distribution.

Solar-Powered Audio Bibles vs. Print Bibles

An elderly Indian man smiles while holding a MegaVoice audio Bible

Jesus sought the one sheep instead of the ninety-nine. You can help embody this vision by sponsoring an audio Bible each month. Solar-powered audio Bibles reach the forgotten and marginalized of the world. Our devices are designed for people who face illiteracy, blindness, leprosy, debilitating poverty, limited access to technology, and limited access to education.

Solar-Powered Audio Bibles

  1. Serve readers AND nonreaders
  2. Durable
  3. Discreet
  4. Appeal to oral learners
  5. Include music and other resources

Print Bibles

  1. Exclude those who can’t read
  2. Easily damaged or destroyed
  3. Difficult to use discreetly in public
  4. Exclude oral learners
  5. Don’t include additional resources

Data Driven

Smiling Indian woman holds MegaVoice audio Bible

Maybe you don’t understand the need for solar-powered audio Bibles in a world of changing technology. We get it. Explore our data regarding the necessity of creative solutions in the world’s poorest contexts.

Solar Powered

A large group of Indian MegaVoice audio Bible recipients

Don’t let a lack of electricity, batteries, wifi, or information access keep anyone from God’s Word. With solar power, we create devices that work year after year in the most remote environments in the world.


An Indian woman poses with her three daughters and a MegaVoice audio Bible

You care about sustainability. So do we. That’s why we don’t just drop off audio Bibles and leave. Instead, with the help of partners like you, we focus on long-lasting discipleship projects that have a generational impact.

Will You Partner With Us By Sponsoring An Audio Bible A Month?

An elderly Indian man grins while listening to a MegaVoice audio Bible

You can help us reach our goal to distribute 1,000 audio Bibles a month by the end of 2023. Click here to visit our nonprofit sister organization, MegaVoice International, and commit to sponsoring an audio Bible each month!

P.S. You can also support MegaVoice with no extra cost or inconvenience to you by using Amazon Smile! Find out how here. 

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