Jason’s Story

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While MegaVoice has the privilege of partnering with large organizations like InTouch Ministries and Voice of the Martyrs, we love stories about how MegaVoice audio Bibles reshape individual lives.

Jason Cox’s testimony is just such a story. It’s been a privilege getting to know him and his enthusiasm for Jesus, God’s Word, and MegaVoice.

Jason Cox and his daughter Chastity wearing their MegaVoice players while swinging and sitting on a picnic table

‘A Good Guy and A Christian’

Jason grew up in Thomasville, North Carolina, surrounded by a large extended family. They all attended the church across the street from their family business. Consequently, Jason always assumed he was “a good guy and a Christian.”

While his grandma was a devoted believer and he attended Sunday school, the contents of the teaching didn’t stay with him and he never read the Bible.

As a young man, Jason lived as if he was invincible. He was obsessed with risky pursuits like motorcycles, rock climbing, and whitewater kayaking.

Unfortunately, this desire for edgy experiences led to opiate addiction. Jason began to struggle with depression and anxiety, and in his own words, “he never really could get straight.” When he did manage to kick the opiates, alcohol became a reliable substitute. Even after the birth of his daughter, Chastity, he continued to struggle with addiction and mental health problems.

But God was watching over Jason. When he was 18, he plowed into a tree while driving very fast and split the cab of his pick-up truck in half. He walked away from the accident without a scratch. While Jason was pushing himself to the brink of self-destruction, God had a plan for his life.

A photograph of the red truck that Jason totaled in an accident at 18

Unlikely Redemption

One night while his parents were watching his daughter, Jason went to a concert with a friend. “Try this,” the friend said, squeezing something from an eyedropper into Jason’s whiskey and Coke. Moments later, Jason blacked out.

While he doesn’t remember much from that night, Jason somehow drove himself home after the concert. He walked determinedly into his home and found a gun. When Jason’s dad tried to stop him, Jason threw the older man across the room. When Jason regained his senses, he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a gun to his head.

Looking into his own eyes in the mirror, he found he was unable to stop his hand from pulling the trigger. He did manage to turn his head, so that the bullet went into his right temple and out of his left eye socket.

Jason woke up laughing and joking at the hospital. It was July 2, 2018. He was blind, but he was alive. Moreover, his depression, anxiety, and addiction were gone. These powerful struggles were simply no longer a part of his life.

MegaVoice audio Bible on lanyard around Jason Cox's neck.

A Powerful Reintroduction to The Bible

On the hunt for ways to fill his time as he recovered, Jason began to read voraciously. He went through hundreds of audiobooks on Audible. Eventually, he decided to listen to the Bible. He found an audiobook version on Audible and started at the beginning.

While somewhere in the Old Testament, Jason felt compelled to skip ahead to the New Testament. Without thinking, he fast-forwarded to the New Testament. At some point, while listening to the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, the reality of the Gospel struck him. In that moment, it was all real.

At home by himself, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief and joy. A weight lifted off him, a weight he didn’t even know was there. Experiencing the calming presence of Jesus gave him a new fervor to read more, learn more, and dedicate his life to the Lord. He determined to give himself fully to God’s plans for him.

MegaVoice audio Bible placed on top of a print Bible.

An Answer to A Unique Prayer

As Jason grew in his faith, he also grew in his frustration with listening to the Bible via digital media.

“When you’re reading the Bible on Alexa devices, you can’t just go in and find a particular verse. It’s difficult to deal with. I prayed and asked God for a Bible I could carry in my hand and take everywhere with me.”

A year later, Jason was listening to the J. Vernon McGee Radio Hour and they mentioned the Solar Bible Bus. Could this be the long-awaited answer to his prayer? He called the phone number they provided and connected with Deborah, a MegaVoice staff member. She sent him a Solar Bible Bus and he realized it was exactly what he was looking for.

 “I really want to get deeper in study. What can you do?”

This was the question Jason posed to MegaVoice. We sent him a player loaded with four different Bible translations, as well as the Mini Bible College. With this free study of the whole Bible, Jason was able accelerate his learning immensely.

“Being blind, I can’t just jump into a truck and go to seminary. If the Lord wills it and wants it, of course, I may end up at seminary eventually. But MegaVoice opened up so much more to me and in my study. I give out MegaVoice players now.”

On July 5, 2021, Jason became a Christian – three years after he put a bullet through his head.

Jason Cox holding his Solar Bible Bus MegaVoice player

Jason’s Passion for the MegaVoice Mission

According to Jason, going blind is what led to his eyes being opened.

“If God wills me to have vision here on this earth again, it will happen. But if he doesn’t, I am more than happy living this life he’s given me.”

Jason has given away many MegaVoice players. He says once people have the opportunity to use an audio Bible, they see the benefits of it. He doesn’t understand why many people limit themselves to print Bibles. According to Jason, even if you’re a sighted person, listening provides another route for God to speak to you. You may pick up something you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

“MegaVoice has changed my life, and now I’m trying to change other people’s lives by giving them God’s Word. Studying the Word daily prepares us for what God is doing. It’s difficult to cultivate that kind of focus if you’re listening on an iPhone. I’m guilty of getting on my phone and getting distracted and not turning my MegaVoice on that day. Being able to have it around my neck makes a difference. It makes it harder to ignore. Not many print Bibles will fit in your pocket for you to take with you anywhere and pull out at any time, but a MegaVoice could literally fit in your wallet.”

At MegaVoice, we equip our Partners to fulfill the Great Commission so all people may engage with the Word of God in their own language.

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