August 1, 2017: SLS vs SaberCopy PDF updated. Please clear cache to see the new PDF.

July 25, 2017: SaberCopy version 343 is now available for download below as well as an updated User Guide PDF!

MegaVoice is pleased to announce the successor to our SLS software; SaberCopy

Global Recordings Network (GRN) has generously offered to partner with us to make their SaberCopy utility available to MegaVoice customers and Media Centers.

MegaVoice has worked closely with the development team at GRN during the last 5 months of 2016 to make enhancements to their existing world-class software program making it a much more powerful tool to use for loading and managing MegaVoice players. The results are impressive!

The current version of SaberCopy can do everything that SLS can, and do it better, but with many additional features making it a very dynamic tool for our users to have at their disposal! Please click on the following link to see a brief comparison of SLS and SaberCopy.

As most of you know, there have been no changes to the SLS program in quite some time. SaberCopy, however, will continue to be developed and enhanced.

There are many future enhancements planned for SaberCopy that will hopefully take place this year. For example, one planned enhancement for us will be the ability to choose a specific MegaVoice model when preparing to load a player. Doing so would cause the application to automatically choose appropriate defaults, as well as check and enforce audio folder structure rules for the selected player.

While users may continue to use SLS, MegaVoice is strongly urging our clients to make the transition to SaberCopy. Everyone that does will be glad they did!

MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 1
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 2
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 3
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 4
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 5
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 6
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 7
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 8
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 9
MegaVoice - SaberCopy Screenshot 10

*Click the image above to see other screenshots.


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