Why MicroSD Cards?

For modern ministries to be effective, they need modern solutions. As MegaVoice expands the products available for fulfilling the Great Commission, we couldn’t ignore microSD cards.

These tiny little memory cards have a lot to offer:

  • Discreet – MicroSD cards are tiny, making them easily transported and distributed.
  • Cost-effective – When compared to the monetary investment required to distribute paper Bibles.
  • Heavy-lifters – There are microSD cards available that hold up to 1TB of materials!
  • Easy to use – MicroSD cards are now very common consumer technology tools, making them easy for even the most tech-illiterate of missionaries to use!

Limited Access Locations

Digital Bible Society (DBS), a MegaVoice ministry partner, has been working to make Biblically-based materials available since 2000.

“Our purpose is to make Bible resources accessible to those who are making disciples and planting churches, especially in those limited access countries where the Bible is not easily available or allowed,” says DBS Production Manager, Christopher Weise.

“MicroSDs allow us to utilize the technology that most of the world already owns and carries with them daily: a smartphone or tablet.”

Ministries distribute the Bible (and other materials) by loading it onto nondescript, ordinary microSD cards. The cards can be discreetly distributed and the data transferred onto smartphones or tablets. This makes Bible distributions safe, easier, and less expensive for ministries working in limited access locations.

“Our partners continue to ask us to provide microSDs loaded with Bible content, by the 10’s, 100’s, and 1,000’s,” says Weise. “MicroSDs seem to be meeting a specific need in a way that other methods of delivery are not meeting.”

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