Gospel workers in South Sudan are witnessing firsthand the ways that God draws His people to Himself, despite all obstacles.

Kapoeta is in the southeast of South Sudan. It’s hard to get there. The absence of rain makes the arid landscape unforgiving and, when the rains do come, the roads become almost unpassable.

It’s also hard to stay in Kapoeta. Education is rare. Alcoholism is rampant. Deadly in-fighting among the local Toposa people and conflict with neighboring tribes make this a dangerous part of the world. But some Gospel workers, like Patricia Caroom, are witnessing firsthand the ways that God draws His people to Himself – despite all obstacles.

The Toposa

Caroom is a petite woman, her platinum hair cut in a neat bob. But don’t let her small stature fool you – Caroom is committed to Kingdom Building. She’s a part of e3 Partners and has been working with the Toposa people since 2007. “The Toposa are primarily an oral community and one of the largest unreached people groups in South Sudan,” she says. “Initially, we had no oral Toposa Bible materials.” The lack of oral materials and the fact that the Toposa live in remote, primitive villages were daunting obstacles.

e3 Partners aims not only to create Toposa believers but also to equip and empower them in discipleship and church planting. Without a Bible or resources in their language, however, this is almost impossible.

International Mission Board (IMB) and the e3 Partners began to translate materials into the Nilotic language of the Toposa (under the leadership of Pastor John Wanyonyi). They were then able to load the recordings onto MegaVoice Envoy 2 ST players. “We have now recorded 74 Bible Stories and 17 songs (that they wrote) to go with Bible Stories,” says Caroom. “We are able to load Bible Stories on the MegaVoice according to their level of training.” This customizable approach allows workers to deliver material appropriate to each believer’s individual spiritual journey. Similarly, as they mature, the material can be updated to foster ongoing growth.

Toposa woman records a song she wrote

Pictured here, a Toposa woman records a song she wrote to help her remember the components of a healthy church taught in Acts 2. The song is then loaded onto MegaVoice devices.

Drawing them to Himself

Pastor John Wanyonyi with some Toposa men.

e3 Partners has seen great success with the aforementioned approach, especially among Toposa women. “They are leading Bible Storying groups and making new Disciple Makers. The Toposa men have been the most challenging to reach. God is drawing them to Himself.”

You can become a part of the Toposa people’s journey by donating directly to e3 Partners’ work in South Sudan using the link below.

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