Envoy 2 ST with the New Testament

$49.95 $72.37

The Envoy 2 ST is the lowest cost and simplest to use solar-powered audio player. Holding up to 30 hours of high-quality audio, the ST is best used for shorter amounts of audio content, such as the New Testament, sermons, music, etc.

Included accessories: 1 x wall adapter  /  1 x charging cable

Ships to USA addresses only and may be subject to quantity limits. Need a higher quantity or an unlisted language? You could qualify for special pricing! Contact us today.


Arabic New Testament – #B0180, English New Testament (ESV) – #B1426, French New Testament (Segond 21) – #B2342, Hindi New Testament – #B4929, Mandarin New Testament – #B2566, Portuguese Trinitarian New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs – #B2554, Spanish New Testament (Reina Valera 2000) – #B0117, Telegu New Testament – #B4931, Urdu New Testament – #B2350

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