Smartphone or a MegaVoice?

A Word From Wycliffe Australia

Wycliffe Bible Translation in Vanuatu

Wycliffe – Understanding God’s Word

Wycliffe Bible Translators & MegaVoice

Man of God on a Mission of Mercy

Trans World Radio – Ministry Partner

MegaVoice – A Bible For All

MegaVoice – Solar Audio Bibles Break the Silence

MegaVoice – The World’s First Solar Audio Bible

MegaVoice – Life Adventures with Tom Treseder

Partnering to Reach Oral Learners (3:21)

Partnering is the Key (3:20)

MegaVoice – Partnering is the Key (1:41)

Talking Tiger Speaks Good News

MegaVoice – Audio Bible Durability Test #1

MegaVoice – Audio Bible Durability Test #2


MegaVoice – Envoy Elite

MegaVoice – Envoy Echo

MegaVoice – Envoy Equip

MegaVoice – Envoy Ember

Envoy S – Solar Audio Bible

Envoy S Dual – Solar Audio Bible

Wildlife STORYTELLERS – Solar Audio Bible Inside Soft, Cuddly Plush Animals

MegaVoice – Sender

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