How Partnership Works

Maximize the impact of your ministry with strategic audio Bible distribution.

You’ve seen the images. You’ve heard the testimonies. Now, you’re ready to explore a partnership with MegaVoice. What exactly does this look like? We’re glad you asked!

What exactly do you mean when you say ‘partner’?

Our partners are the people and organizations who purchase technology from MegaVoice and get it to the people that need it most: ministries, missions organizations, churches, even individuals. We are privileged to work with some amazing people who are doing amazing things and calling them a ‘customer’ just doesn’t cut it!

Who does MegaVoice partner with?

MegaVoice partners with many different types of organizations to distribute a variety of audio content. Many of our partners are Christian ministries who want to prioritize the ongoing spiritual development of the people they disciple. When we talk about ‘maximizing your impact’ this is what we mean: enabling someone to independently engage with scripture (in their heart language) after the church service or outreach ends. This is paramount and honors the time and resources you’ve invested.

We’ve also had the privilege to partner with organizations that distribute Humanitarian and Health & Safety information to non-literate people groups. When the Ebola crisis peaked in West Africa, MegaVoice partnered with aid agencies to deliver audio devices loaded with life-saving information to combat the spread of this terrible disease.

What if I want to use my own audio on one of your devices?

No sweat! We would love to help put your content on the right audio device. It’s important to note that we vet partner-supplied audio files to ensure our devices aren’t spreading malicious or dangerous content. We are also passionate Jesus-followers so that any religious material we allow on our devices must be Biblically-based.

Why use technology when a paper Bible is so much cheaper?

It’s true, paper and ink is cheaper than circuit boards and solar panels. But 80% of people in the world fall somewhere on the illiteracy scale. That is 6,160,000,000 people who would not be able to understand and engage with a paper Bible. Our audio Bibles have been designed specifically with these people in mind. And, while audio Bibles are more expensive than paper Bibles, research shows that they last longer and have a much higher adoption rate.

I’m sold, let’s partner up. What’s my next step?

Wonderful, welcome to the MegaVoice family! Your next step is to shoot us a message via our contact form. Introduce us to you and/or your ministry and give us an idea of where your devices will be going, what audio you’d like to use, and how many devices you think you might be interested in purchasing. We offer pricing tiers so the more devices you buy, the more money you save! After we receive your message, one of our Ambassadors will reach out and guide you through the rest of the process.

It is people like you that inspire us to do better, reach higher, dream big, and pray bigger. We know God is going to take you and your ministry to incredible heights and we can’t wait to watch! MegaVoice is honored to help provide you with the gear you need to maximize your ministry.

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