This month, MegaVoice is excited to announce a partnership with Courage for Life, creators of the world’s first, non-dramatized, completely female-voiced audio Bible App. Ann White, founder of Courage for Life, and her team noticed a need for this Bible through their work with incarcerated and at-risk women. “In working with these women,” White says, “we have found that they often have a lower reading level. So, even if they have access to a Bible, it is difficult for them to engage with scripture. Some of us struggle to understand God’s Word even if we read at a high level!” says White. “So, we knew we needed an audio Bible. And we knew it needed to be in women’s voices because a man’s voice so often reminds these women of their abuser. We were shocked that there was not an accessible female-read audio Bible on the market today.”

So Courage for Life decided to do something about it.

As the Courage for Life team started to create this trail-blazing audio Bible, they weren’t even sure they would be able to get an audio Bible to incarcerated women. “We thought this would primarily be for women in battered women’s shelters or homeless shelters. Which is still great!” White says, “Everyone deserves access.” But doors began opening. Getting this life-changing content to incarcerated individuals became a very real possibility. “We do women’s conferences in South Asia,” White remembers, “and seeing the impact of MegaVoice audio Bibles there made us realize that we could use audio Bibles to minister to women in the states as well.”


Gradually, the Courage for Life content has been made available to more than 80,000 inmates across two states. “We’re so thankful that God has opened the doors for these inmates to have access to the Courage for Life audio Bible,” says Ministry Director Kathy Sherwin. “We know lives can be changed through the living Word of God.”

When Sherwin says “lives,” she’s not just talking about the at-risk women they originally intended to reach. “This female-voiced content is impacting incarcerated men as well,” reports White. “Many men have often been wounded by men: they come from fatherless homes or have been abused, mistreated, or neglected by men. On the other hand, if there is anyone who has encouraged them, it’s almost always a woman. Grandmothers, mothers, aunts…a woman cared enough about them to share Christ with them. So when they hear the female-voice audio Bible, they are very receptive.”


On June 3, the Courage for Life Bible app was released, giving thousands of people access to this transformative content. “We have a lot of partners, especially in crisis pregnancy centers, that are sharing the free app with women,” says White. “In places where the app is not accessible, we want to use MegaVoice devices to make this audio Bible available. Many of the women we work with see themselves as a failure, but God sees them as a victor. They see themselves as broken or worthless but He sees them healed and valuable. These audio Bibles are helping them receive that message daily.”

The Courage for Life New Testament audio is now available for you to purchase on MegaVoice players (Old Testament coming soon). Text BIBLE to 62953 for more information on how to download the Courage for Life Bible app to your phone. You can also support Courage for Life here.

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