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Papua New Guinea man listens to Scriptures in his own language on MegaVoice Envoy audio Bible.

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Over 25 years ago, the founders of MegaVoice pioneered the development of the first solar powered, digital audio Bible. Their vision was to reach the estimated four billion people who are unable to read God's life-giving Word for themselves.

After years of prayer and perseverance, the MegaVoice audio Bible became a reality. Non-readers on every continent are now beginning to have access to the Scriptures in their own language, in a form they can readily understand.

Today, MegaVoice produces an ever-expanding line of solar powered digital audio players for Christian and humanitarian use. MegaVoice are designed to best suit the unique requirements of ministries distributing them. The full line of available MegaVoice digital ministry tools and the unique attributes of each, can be viewed on our All Products Page

MegaVoice is also home to an expansive Scripture audio library with 8,400 Scripture titles in 4,600 languages and dialects. Scripture titles, with playback times ranging from a few minutes to 320 hours duration, can be loaded onto the growing line of digital audio players.

To help partners in ministry, MegaVoice has an audio resource team ready to place your audio production on as many MegaVoice as you need. Organizations and individuals can also load their own messages using a PC to drag and drop files onto the MegaVoice Envoy Micro and MegaVoice Story Teller.

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