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December 2011. MegaVoice Story Teller released. Low cost. Manage your own content.

MegaVoice has just unveiled the Story Teller, a radically simple, solar-powered digital audio player - the newest addition to its growing line of solar-powered digital audio players. The Story Teller is designed to play audio messages up to 10 hours in length. It uses one, easy-to-use navigation button.

Players can be easily loaded on location using a laptop.

StorytellerSimple, low cost and powerful, the solar-powered Story Teller can carry a Scripture or humanitarian message to hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of oral learners, blind and visually impaired. And what is even better, you can load your audio content right there on location.

MegaVoice CEO, Charles Cibene, said, "There was a genuine need for a low cost, solar-powered digital player with about 10 hours of playback time for Bible story sets, The God's Story and humanitarian messages. We designed the MegaVoice Story Teller to fill that need. It is available now for organizations and individuals wishing to reach non-readers with a tamperproof message."

Unlike commercially available MP3 audio players, messages on the Story Teller are tamperproof, meaning that end users cannot erase or modify messages. Non-readers, the blind and visually impaired find the Story Teller easy-to-use because its navigation requires no digital screen like those found on MP3 players or cell phones.

StorytellerMegaVoice has a solid reputation for producing robust, solar-powered audio Bibles. It is also becoming better known for its rapidly expanding Scripture Audio Library. Scripture messages from the audio library are available in many languages for the Story Teller including: "Good News" from Global Recordings, "The Story of Jesus" from the Jesus Film, and the ever-popular, "God's Story" from Simply The Story.

The MegaVoice audio library currently contains 8400 Scripture messages in over 4600 languages and dialects for MegaVoice digital players. Ministries and humanitarian organizations can also create their own audio messages for the MegaVoice audio team to load onto the Story Teller.

"Longer playing MegaVoice audio Bibles are already being distributed in many languages, world-wide, by partnering Christian ministries," said Mr. Cibene. "We look forward to hearing from our ministry partners as well as others who need an affordable, solar-powered, 10 hour player to get their Scripture or humanitarian message out to non-readers."

MegaVoice and its ministry partners are working to help fulfill the Great Commission using solar-powered, digital audio players to reach more than 3.5 billion non-readers with God's life-giving Word.