Audio Services

Here are just a few of the MegaVoice audio services available for your ministry project

  • Search our audio library and preview thousands of Scripture resource titles in thousands of languages
  • Use pre-recorded MegaVoice audio Scriptures and we will load them on the MegaVoice for you
  • Create your own audio content and we will load your production on the MegaVoice for you
  • Create your own audio content and blend it with Scripture audio titles from the MegaVoice Audio Library

  • Whether you choose to load the MegaVoice yourself using the field programmable Envoy micro, Story Teller or Diplomat - or if you want us to load a number of MegaVoice for you, we are here to serve your vision. See the audio FAQs for further information.

    Listen to an audio sample.

    Scripture audio content is available in thousands
    of languages for your audio production

    The MegaVoice Scripture Audio Library has thousands of audio Scriptures and Scripture-based recordings available for use on the MegaVoice. Search the Audio Library by Scripture, countries, languages or Ethnologue code. New audio resources are added to the library on a regular basis.

    Why have our audio team load the MegaVoice for you?

    One reason ministires choose to have our audio team load their messages is because they may have need for dozens, hundreds or thousands done - and so loading all their own MegaVoice is beyond the time they have available to load them themselves.

    Why program and load your own content?

    If your ministry is involved with an activity where you just need a few MegaVoice loaded at a time, Bible translation work or Bible Storying for instance, then it may be beneficial for you to load audio onto your MegaVoice. Check the Products pages to see which MegaVoice best suits your requirements.

    Normally, Bible translators working abroad like to load a sample of Scripture audio on a player and use it for their "people group" and try out their latest translating work. Mission field offices also benefit from being able to load an audio Bible or New Testament, plus other teachings, whenever they wish. Bible Storyers also like to load their own MegaVoice as story sets are developed.

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