Audio FAQs

What is a MegaVoice?

MegaVoice is both the name of our ministry support organization and our expanding line of solar-powered, digital audio MegaVoice. Each MegaVoice product has its own unique features and playback time. To see which MegaVoice product best suits your ministry's needs, visit our "All MegaVoice Products" page.

Does MegaVoice have Scripture audio titles in the language of indiginous people groups?

The searchable online MegaVoice audio library contains thousands of audio titles in thousands of languages and dialects. Search our audio library for audio Bibles, New Testaments, God's Story (from the God Story Project), the Story of Jesus (from the Jesus film), Good News (from GRN) and the Mini Bible College. Search the audio library by language, Scripture audio title, SIL ethnologue code, or by country. All of these titles are available for loading onto your MegaVoice Envoy. Search the MegaVoice audio library here.

Once our ministry has produced its message, how does it get onto the MegaVoice?

a) If you intend to distribute hundreds, or thousands, of MegaVoice, send us your audio file and our audio team will load it onto them for you.

b) If your organization is working "in-field" and intends to load a limited number of MegaVoice at one time, then you can do so with the Envoy micro, Story Teller or Diplomat. The field production capability of the Megavoice Envoy micro, Story Teller and Diplomat enables you over-write previously recorded content.

Updating content on your MegaVoice works well if you are testing your translation efforts with your people group. The Story Teller can hold up to ten hours of content, is field-programmable using a PC, and is perfectly suited to those involved with Bible Storying.

What does MegaVoice mean by "tamperproof message"?

Tamperproof means that messages loaded on a Megvoice cannot be deleted or modified by the end user. "Tamperproof" could prove prove to be very important if you are distributing audio bibles in geographic areas hostile to the Gospel.

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